Jeff Foster is an independent songwriter/recording artist who also happens to be a doctor. He began writing and performing his own music in the 9th grade when he asked for a ukulele for his birthday but was given a guitar instead. He has since played guitar and sang in several bands in Colorado and Utah, including The Dukes of Hazard, Not Too Shabby, Cool Hand and The Junior Thunderbirds. He continues to write and record his own songs, though his band has been replaced by an arsenal of software synths, samplers and drum machines and his live performances have been reduced to occasional living room jam sessions with his lovely, cello-playing wife, Angie. They have two kids and as a family enjoy music, pizza and a good joke. Jeff's songwriting influences include the Beatles, U2, R.E.M., Dave Matthews, Stevie Wonder, Lyle Lovett, Travis, Counting Crows and Coldplay. His songs are about his life,  relationships, confusions and beliefs.